“Our trademark has always been evident in our teaching quality, resources and partnerships with industry, government and the professions. This provides ample scope and benefits to the students of AAPL.”

1. Fleet of aircraft (Training division):

AAPL has a fleet of 5 aircraft, of both single and multi engine variety. Of these, three Cessna 152 and one Cessna 172 aircraft are used for flying training of students, in single engine aircraft. Multi engine training is imparted with a Piper Seneca – III aircraft.

2. Flight Simulators:

AAPL has a state-of-the-art ELITE S512 Flight Simulator for student training of all flight profiles, abnormal procedures, emergency drills etc, which may not be possible to be done in a real aircraft, without compromising safety. This is a Switzerland manufactured training device, approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The machine is capable of simulating night conditions, poor visibility, and cloudy environment as well as capable of reproducing the exact physical environment at any two chosen airports. In addition, any airport in the Asian airspace can be simulated with their existing Radio navigational aids, to practice specific Instrument procedures. These navigational data bases are updated every 3 months.

3. Library:

AAPL library and resource center has a wide range of reference books, audio & video training CDs / DVDs and training films, to train a student from the ab-initio stage, to the level of ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License). Publications and products from the renowned Aviation majors such as, Jeppesen, Cessna, FAA, Oxford publications etc are available in the Resource Centre. In addition to curriculum related material, AAPL subscribes to very many aeronautical magazines, periodicals and Newsletters, so that students can be in touch with the ongoing developments in the field of aviation and aero space.

4. Classrooms, Flight briefing & Pre Flight Medical:

The spacious class room equipped with modern training facilities located in the Administrative complex of the School. The Operations Wing at the Airport complex has a Flight Briefing cum Class room. Flight medical tests are carried out at the Pre Flight Medical Room on the ground floor. The whole campus of AAPL is WI-FI enabled.

5. Question Bank:

AAPL has got abundant sets of question banks on various aeronautical subjects, suiting syllabi specified by the Indian DGCA, American FAA or the European JAA. The Question Bank related to the Indian syllabi are periodically revised and updated by the training Faculty. These QBs can be used for Self learning, examination oriented preparation and for self assessment.

6. Hostel facilities:

There are 2 hostels, one each for boys and girls. They can accommodate about 20 boys and 15 girls respectively. As a permanent measure, at least two staff members (generally the Flying Instructors and Engineers) live in-house at the Boys Hostel, not only to ensure good order and discipline, but also to help the students in their curriculum and training.

7. Cafeteria:

A separate cafeteria functions at the School complex, where students can purchase light snacks, soft drinks and hot beverages on cash payment.

8. Transportation:

AAPL has a fleet of Light vehicles to transport Students from Hostels to Airport, on a daily basis. In addition, these vehicles are also utilized for Airport duty, Field exercises and Study visits of students.